Set Up each time

Every time I turn on the x controller I have to set up the machine. It use to not do this but recently it has? What do I need to do?

Browser issue (cache related) from what I have read, hopefully others can provide more a more specific solution/answer :wink:

It’s happening to a lot of users lately, myself included. It eventually stopped doing that.

Hi Adam,

After running setup, those settings are stored in your browser’s local storage. Are you clearing out Safari’s stored cookies & data, or switching browsers/computers?

I actually haven’t cleared out anything in a long time. Could it be the settings in my browser?

Did you try a different browser?

In April I reported on my problems using firefox. Again, my settings had not changed on my browser from prvious use of the machine but it still required me to re setup the machine everytime I would log in. I’ve been an xcarve and easel user for several years now and had never come across this problem before.

Hi Adam,

If you would be willing to run some commands in your browser, we might be able to get some more information about what your problem is. These commands will not harm your computer or have any effect on your Easel session.

  1. Turn on the “Develop” option in Safari by going to Preferences / Advanced and checking this box:

  1. Right click somewhere in the workpieces panel and select Inspect:


  1. Select the Console tab in the new panel that just opened at the bottom of your screen


  1. Type localStorage.setItem("foo", "bar") next to the > prompt and press enter
  2. Type localStorage.getItem("foo") next to the > prompt and press enter
  3. You should see something that looks like the attached screenshot:


  1. Take a screenshot of your output and message it to me


Hi Mike,

Yes. As we stated over here, we recently made a change to alert users if there are no machine settings stored in their browser so that they don’t encounter unexpected issues in the carve walkthrough. Since your browser was setup to clear cookies and local storage when exiting, you were always running the walkthrough without your saved settings. If you were using a Z probe or a dust shoe, then you would have kept losing those settings and the walkthrough would not have prompted you to zero using your Z probe or to attach your dust shoe.