Set X/Y Zero: Confirmation Dialog

Please add a confirmation dialog, to when we click: Set X/Y Zero.

Too often, I am doing a multi-bit, or multi-staged cut, where I need X/Y Zero to remain the same between sessions. While it doesn’t happen often, I do accidentally click Set X/Y Zero instead of use last, because of the positioning of the buttons between screens.

As with most web standards, I would argue Set X/Y Zero is a destructive action which best practices dictate should have a confirmation dialog to ensure that is what is wanted.

I would really also like to see the Default on that screen be the Use Last X/Y Zero be the default and the larger of the two buttons.

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If youre doing repeat carves you could go into your account settings and opt in to be a beta tester and then under machine >general settings youll see an option to try out repeat carving function.

Using this function the set zeros screen can be skipped alltogether.

Thanks Seth.

In this case, this isn’t a repeat carving function. This is when I am doing a project that I have set across maybe multiple workpieces, multi-bit, etc. So 1 single project, but it is done in multiple carves.

Gets to be real challenging when the X/Y zero is in the center of a board, and not a corner.

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