Setting 0,0 to the center of work piece

Hey, I’m trying to set the 0,0 to the center of the work piece. For example, I’m making a clock, I want it to start in the center of the workpiece and work around 0,0

Here is a couple of the numerous videos that I have done on this topic. Hope this will help you

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Hey Phil, thanks for the great videos. I am thoroughly confused…,why, when you’re centering your zero on the workspace does show 3/4 of the material completely off the board? Is there anyway to center your zero and to have easel reflect the workspace centered on the wasteboard.

Just how Easel handle the design/preview.

There is nothing wrong designing it all in the viewable quadrant and last step before carving center the whole design around XY0 (and zero off the center of your material)

While I understand that, is where anyway to have Easel actually center the work piece on the workspace provided, and not out of sight? My problem is this. Setting up 0,0 to the lower left x-y intersect, Im typically clamping my material in the lower left corner. My dust collector arm strikes the threaded hold down head (red,blue,yellow). So, I want to move my zero to start elsewhere but still keep my material located on the original x,y axis, lower left.

No, Easel Work zero always need to be at grid XY0
So if material center is desired design center need to match that.

In other design suites, like Fusion360, work zero can be reassigned at will

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@VeteranWoodCo. While the machine 0,0 will always be at the bottom left corner you can put the work 0,0 any where you want it. Here is another video where I use the side of the material well away from any corner.


I get that it takes a while to wrap your head around it. I had a morning where I watched a few of Phil’s videos and then clamped down some cheap plywood and just played around with short carves of basic shapes in different parts of the wood. Played with setting home position and moving from it, adding dust shoe at different points in process, pausing/restarting, etc.

Sometimes I was surprised by what happened and sometimes it was exactly as expected.

I probably did 25 short carves in an hour and learned so much that I use to this day.