Setting a different home position in easel

I have zeroed out my machine (xcarve 1000). I would like to know how to change zero. If i put a piece of wood in the center of the table how would i zero the front left corner so it would start carving from that point?

I have done several videos on this topic. Here are a couple to get you started.

Here is the next one

I have others and since you are just getting started, you may find some of my other videos helpful. Congratulations


Easel always treat its X0Y0 grid to be Home Position (work zero)
(Do NOT confuse home position with homing)

Work zero can be anywhere within the reachable area of your machine, but in terms on Easel and work zero, the X0Y0 grid is where work zero need to be established.

Easel will only preview the project in its 1st quadrant, but any quadrant can be used as long as its reachable by the machine.

If you want to set work zero at the center of your design, your design must be centered on the X0Y0 grid aswell.

Like this, place material on your machine, jog the bit to the center position and confirm this as your Home Position (wrok zero)


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Thanks Haldor, but how do I achieve that without running the machine beyond its limits, In my situation the X0Y0 is on the left bottom corner of the x-carve, ie the the origin of the X and Y axis of the waste board.

Don’t worry about the origin on the waste board, when it ask you in Easel to set your home position then wherever the router is when you hit the button will be your home position.

Ignore the MDF spoil board X0Y0 grid.

Work zero can be anywhere your machine can reach.
As long ss your work zero (Easel Home Position) is set to the same place as Easel grid XY0 It will be carved as previewed in Easel.

If your design is centered on top of Easel XY0, and Work zero is set to middle of piece - it will carve centered.

@Shumba @TimothyByrne Here is a video that may explain it a little better than I can put it in a message

Thank you all, I finally get it now

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