Setting current trim pot on dual y

My X-Carve is running a duel y setup with a tinyG but looks like its out of square by about 4%.
As the gantry looks to be setup square I am wondering if increasing the steeper current might help and if so how do you do it accurately when you have independent channels for each steeper.

If the tinyG board uses the same design as the gShield you can measure the reference voltage for the stepper motor drivers. This voltage sets the current limit for the stepper motors. You would have to get some detailed information about the tinyG implementation to determine what reference voltage gives a particular current limit.

The potentiometers determine the reference voltage which determines the current limit.

The equation to get current limit from the voltage reference value is based on the value of the current sense resistor on the tinyG.

This photo shows where the reference voltage appears on the gShield.