Setting My Start Position

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I am trying to find out How to set my Home position. I am doing this curerently by trial and error.

Is there also a way to trace the outline of what is being engraved before actually starting the Job

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1 - Home Position = work zero. Work zero can be assigned to anywhere where the machine can reach. Easel assume that work zero is lower left corner of your design, so by jogging to the lower left corner of your material, with the bit down against the material is where you´d want to be.

2 - Its unclear to me what you mean :slight_smile:

@RodneyBeadon. Here are a couple of videos that may help

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Thank you for your Help

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what I am trying to do when I say “Trace” is to get the machine to do the boarder of the engraving for me to watch to see the material is lined up and in the correct position.

You could do an “air carve” by setting the Z-zero deliberately high so the bit ride above it.
I dont see the purpose though unless you are trying to salvage something or I missing the point entirely :slight_smile:

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No your not missing the point you have explained perfectly to me. Why I was asking is that I am not sure where my home position is. So if I trace above the image to be engraved then I can see if the material to be engraved is in the correct position.

Understood, did you perform a homing cycle prior to setting the work zero initially?
If so, you can re-home and in Easel click “Use previous home” to use the previous work zero.
Easel home position = work zero and is unrelated homing / machine home position.

Work zero is stored as an offset to machine zero and doing a homing cycle sync machine to model space. A work zero will after a re-home be realigned.

A 3-edge reference block could also act as a fixed reference point.

I have not done this as I am not sure how to, so my position finding has been trial and error

Do you have homing switches installed at all?