Setting spindle RPM in Easel

The X-Controller has PWM and 0-10V outputs for controlling spindle speed, and there is an option in the machine setup dialog flow where I can select “Automatic” for spindle speed which I presume means that GRBL should make use of those two spindle speed outputs.

When I check those outputs I see constant 10V on the variable output and 5V @ 100% duty cycle (meaning, no pulses just flat 5V) on the PWM output.

So, here’s the question: is there anywhere in Easel where I can tell the system to slow down the spindle on a particular job? Checking the docs on the cut settings I don’t find a spindle speed option.

Should I just be using M3/M5 gcode commands to make this happen?

Which spindle are you using? If you are using the DeWalt 611 router then you will only have manual control of the spindle via the router’s controls unless you have modified the router. You could also have On/Off control if you have an IOT relay or some other DIY version to control power to the router.


Brandon Parker

Understood regarding the 611 (which is what I have). Right now I’m hoping to get a SuperPID shipped to me some time this year, but if that fails I’ll likely wind up heading down the VFD route. For the moment I’m using the 1-10V output to drive a relay that controls the spindle for simple on/off.

Mostly I’m just trying to understand if Easel supports setting the spindle RPM at all, as I don’t see an option for it anywhere. Obviously, this can be done w/ other GCODE senders, I’m simply looking to understand if Easel does this or not.

Under the Machine tab there is a check box for spindle control, if you click that a drop down will give you the option for automatic spindle control. Choose automatic and then a new box will appear with spindle RPM.

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How in the heck did I miss that? Exactly what I needed, thanks @KennethConnell1!