Setting Tool Zero the Easy Way


I don’t want to burst your bubble, but look up Triquetra.
One click and Z, Y, Z, zero is set.

Thanks Robert. Looking forward to learning how to do this. Thanks for posting your video :+1:

This one? Triquetra UGS Error

Or this one?

Or maybe this one?

I was just showing people a cheap and easy way to set their machines in a repeatable manner, so my bubble isn’t likely to burst. I wish Charley all the luck in the world.

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You’re welcome, message me if you have any problems with the method I laid out, so I can make improvements.

Sorry Robert.
No insult intended.
I just didn’t know if you knew about it or not.

No worries, Jan. My hide is much thicker than that.

I’d never heard of triquetra, so that was good info.

… Plus not everyone can afford to have one pre-made. Learning how to do this is a valuable learning tool.

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Last time I checked the website it was more than double that.

$29 for Z probe kit from Inventables (it’s an option, not required). $15 for a set of 1-2-3 blocks from Amazon (not everybody has one), $4-7 for a double ended wire (Amazon) for connecting 1-2-3 block to the Z probe (not everybody has that), $1-2 for screws and nuts to connect to 1-2-3 block for wire clipping (not everybody has that)

All added up that’s about $50 not including taxes and shipping charges.

A block from Charley is $70 right now with magnetic clip. There’s a coupon code on this forum that knocks that down 20% or to $56. And, not saying the OP won’t, Charley supports his customers when they have issues. He also has a toolkit program for generating the necessary Gcode and other nifty tools.

I’m in no way intending to disrespect the OP. What he has done is a great tool and if you’ve got the items already go for it. It’s actually a way I never thought about using for zeroing. It would actually help sometimes due to clamping. Not to mention, the Triquetra relies on a good caliper for measuring the X, Y, and Z of the block but by putting the 1-2-3 on the outside of the material, the only “offsets” are the tool itself and not the block. Again, some good options.

But, personally, i wouldn’t use cost as an argument for why to go this way vs triquetra.

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No good reason if it’ll fit where you need to put it. I do a lot of very small pieces, so I kept the brass cylinder that came with the touch probe.