Setting up machine X,Y,Z axis not correct

I recently bought the 1000mm Xcarve off someone and I’m currently in the process of manually setting up the machine. Note* I did not build this unit the previous owner already had it put together. When I try to manually use the X, Y, and Z axis the following happens: X axis: the arm just chatters and does not move it all (when not power is on I can move this with my hand). Y axis: the spindle head moves in the X axis (left to right). Z axis: again the spindle head doesn’t move, I can see the threaded spindle move for the router head to move up and down, but the head doesn’t move at all. I am very very new to this and completely clueless so if anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it because I’m not even sure where to remotely look.

First of all - welcome to the world of CNC’ing :slight_smile:

First focus on getting all axis’es to move, this means check wheels / alignment and anything that can cause binding.
Once that is done its easy to swap direction of travel (can be done either through Easel machine setup or cable swap)

I assume you have the Gshield, search on these forums for “Calibrating stepper / motor current” for pointers. Downloading the Xcarve build manual may be a decent read aslo.

Google, read, ask, explore and learn.
And we will also try to help :slight_smile:

I would start at the beginning of the build instructions and ensure everything was put together correctly.
Check out Phi’s Tips section. He has a lot of helpful tips from his experience with things.
Also it helps to post pictures of your setup to help those of us who are willing to help you out.
If a stepper chatters it could be one of 3 major things. Wiring not correct, current setting is not right, or bad driver.
I do not think the driver is bad. However you can work you way through the build docs and it will help you get things going.
Good luck and those of us here on the forums are willing to help you get it going. Don’t panic or get too frustrated. You need to be patient and take it a little bit at a time till you get it up and going. :slight_smile: