Setting up new machine

I am hoping someone can help me with the set up process.
I had started the new machine set up and was almost finished when I was knocked out of the set up process. I was about to test the Z probe when this happened. Now I am not sure how to return to the set up process to continue where I left off. If I go to back to the Set up new machine tab it does not allow me to continue with the set up process and asks to upgrade. Do I need to uninstall the machine in order to finish the set up process or can I somehow get back in and continue where I left off at the Z probe test?
Thanks very much for any help you can provide.

In easel, go to machine>select the machine from the dropdown if its not already selected> click edit machine button> and red delete button.

Then you can perform a new machine setup as you were doing before, but you will not hit the easel pro pay wall…

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