Setting up Next Wave Shark HD4

Hello, I’m kind of new to all CNC related. I am trying to setup / configure a Next Wave Shark HD4 with Easel app (Easel Pro), but have not been able to establish communication with the machine.

I am currently connected using an USB cable (COM 4 port). I am able to connect to the machine using the software that came with it (Ready2Control) but not through Easel itself.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Its my understanding that the sharks do not operate using standard grbl and thus would not connect properly directly through easel, you’d need to export the gcode and send through ready2control although I’m not positive if easels gcode is directly supported with ready2control. Their website does identify that it can operate properly using vetric, this may be due vetrics ability to select specific post processors while easel does not offer this feature :man_shrugging:

You can use Easel to design your project and then you can download the G-code. You would then use Rady2Control to do the carve.

I run a Tehcno-Isel Davinci III and it doesn’t even run G-Code. I have to download the Easel G-Code and then translate the G-Code to Isel PAL commands. That said, it works just fine.

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