Setting up Xcarve in easel

First of all just got my xcarve together and running through the setup procedures with easel. I am little confused and need some help. So when I tell each axis to move, they are moving in the directions of the arrows. However when I run the next step for homing switches, it finds z perfect and then goes to xy. Y seems to be going in the right direction but x is going the opposite direction(to the right) than it did when testing each movement from the previous step. It wants to find home on the right side of the machine with the homing switch on the left. Is there a setting wrong or something i have wrong?

What are your $$ grbl settings? Specifically $23

Homing sequence can be one of several corners of the machine, this mapping is what GRBL parameter $23 tells the controller

$23= “where are my homing switches?”