Setting Work Area

I have read lots of articles on setting the work origin but I cant seem to work it out

They all say that when you go through the carve screens there is a screen that lets you manually set the work area origin which first has a screen lets you select auto or manual then lets you move the spindle then set the origin

When I run Carve I do not get these screen just a screen that says confirm zero. no matter where I move the spindle it always moves to the lower left corner and carves there

All I want is for it to start carving where the spindle position is

Im using the latest driver (3.1.8?)

am I doing something Wrong

Here are couple videos that may help you. I have other ones as well that explain this process.

Thanks for this Phillip but both videos move the material to change the origi I dont want that as I glue down my materil I want to move the actual black dot 0,0 to anywher on the piece
The link bellow from inventables shows the two screens I cant find they are picture 3 & 4 from the top

appreciate any help


see picture, shape and position

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You can not move the black dot wherever you want. In easel you can have it in any corner or the lower left if you want to center your zero. You can put the material on the wasteboard anywhere you want but your work zero will be where you set it.Hope that makes sence to you.

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