Setting workpiece zero

I just bought an X carve and am ready to cut my first test piece. Trying to use Easel and I see no way to set the workpiece co-ordinate system. I homed the machine and the spindle went to the lower left corner of the waste board (x and Y) and Z all the way up. The part I want to cut is not in the lower left corner…I see no way in Easel to change the position of the workpiece. I would think setting a workpiece offset would be more straight forward.

Is Easel the wrong thing to use or did I miss something? any help is appreciated.

Once your work piece is secure just press the green “CARVE” button on the upper right of the screen. Then Easel will walk you through homing the bit.

When using Easel, anytime you want to jog you first MUST hit CARVE to access the jog buttons. Jogging to your selected HOME/zero position is done with those buttons. Even if you are not planning to carve you still use the CARVE button to access jogging.

When ready you just follow Easel’s carving prompts. Use the buttons to jog to your new home including lowering the bit to the surface. When it ask you to confirm your work position, behind the scene it re-zeros to the work new position. You don’t have to press a specific button to do it.

Once the carve is complete, the bit will return to the X/Y home position but the Z will remain high at the safety setting height.


click carve!

If the OP would watch the video and then re-watch the video then go play with the machine, then re-watch the video he might catch on to what phil is showing him. Machine zero and work zero are not the same. you must click the green carve button in easel then set your “work zero” during set-up. there is a process before you carve where you are asked things like is the material secure? place bit on the top of the work surface. etc etc. that is what need’s to be done before you can carve. seriously watch the video more than once and it will come to you. As a teacher I know that a new concept takes at least three reviews (reading, watching, performing) before comprehension sets in.


P.S. new default disclaimer. I am not trying to be mean just trying to explain that this happens to a lot and with some time and experience it will all make sense and you will be like “ahhhh of course why did I not see that before”.

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“Carve” was the last button I wanted to click on, knowing the machine was not set up to carve yet. It would be more obvious if setting workpiece zero, A.K.A. the co-ordinate system (G54-59) was done in machine setup tab rather than carve dialog.

Either way I was done yesterday and I’ll be working in V carve Pro (since I paid a lot of money for it) anyway, I don’t see any use for Easel in my shop, besides it needs an internet connection.

Thanks for your time to reply.

@EdDixon There is a Help function in Easel that leads to articles that would likely answer all of your queries…

Starting with Easel…

Offline use…

It think at times some of more experienced users forget just how intimidating parts of the process can be for new users. Yes there are online guides and wealth of information on the forum but still that “Carve” button can seem fairly ominous the first time you press it. Once done it is understood but for new users labeled something like “Set-up Carve” would be much easier to grasp and actually more accurate of its function.


very true and well put. Now it is up to Inventables to implement this change. but until then those that know need to pass this information on to those who ask.

I understand the process of this, for a new person in this world is difficult and even more if you do not speak English (use translator), the EASEL Control I do not use it at all, in my new adventure I learned to use Aspire in conjunction with UGCS and he Obtained good results, I performed Zero automatico in all its axes in my X-Carve as the video and I think Easel does not do this or if ??

Video CNC auto Cero Level Z,X,Y