Setting Z origin at base board?

Basically title, lol. I have a MPCNC and I have a pin in my base board for zeroing my Z axis, while Easel (best I can tell) zeros at the top of the work piece. Is there a way to change this? I tried searching for answers but all I found was the posts about moving your XY origin to the center of your work. I assume its either not possible or its super obvious so no one asks.

TIA, Mike

I do it all the time…Kinda… And No, It’s definitely not super obvious as I haven’t seen other Easel (as CAM) users doing it at all…

What I do: probe to wasteboard, then lift the Z by the material thickness that I had entered into Easel and select “Set Z Zero” Doing this allows me to do a full through cut and only barely skim my wasteboard.

Also, If I want to cut a small amount into the wasteboard to make sure there is no “skin” left at the bottom of the cut through, then I will probe to wasteboard and then raise Z by a bit less than the material thickenss that I told easel to use. (so for 19mm thick material, I’ll move Z to 18.8mm and hit “Set Z Zero”, this will cut into my wasteboard by exactly 0.2mm which seems to be perfect for my compression bits)

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Ah, I figured as much. I was hoping for a software solution but oh well. Might just make a touch plate then, I use an LCD to control my CNC and as far as I can tell it doesn’t have an option for set 0, just homing. Due to location of my CNC I don’t have a computer hooked up yet, so its .gcode and memory cards. Thanks for the help.

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