Setting Z Zero in Easel

Lets say I have stock that is not square, round say, and does not have material at the X/Y zero point. How do you set for Z?

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Set home position to center of artwork

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Not really my issue. I have no problem with position of X/Y. I’m wanting to set Z independent of X/Y Zero.

Not sure what you’re trying to do?, I guess I would take a piece of stock the same thickness and hold it where I want Z zero to be and then remove it

Its pretty simple. I think you are over complicating it, or it cannot be done in Easel.

I do NOT want to set X, Y & Z all with one button click.

Example: Move to X, send code to set X Zero. Move to Y, send code to set Y Zero. Move to Z, sent code to set Z Zero.

You can use the G92 command to set the position of each axis, but as far as I know, you can not do that with Easel.

Couldn’t you raise your Z to the height you want it to set 0 at, then jog Xand Y to position, and start from there?
Just a thought. Not familiar with easel myself, only used UGS so far…

A few times, I have measured the thickness of my stock using a micrometer. I then zero the endmill on the waste board and raise it by my measurement. Then, if I need to set it on the stock, raise it a quarter inch up, move it to the proper X/Y, and lower it by a quarter inch.

I generally use a X/Y point that is center stock, so this allows me to do multiple passes at a a consistent starting height when my stock has been cut, and I don’t know exactly how high it is at the X/Y center point.

Now, if I am just pocketing the center, and I know how low it is, I just use that. So say, I have 1 inch stock, I pocket out a shape with sides and bottom 0.2 inches thick, and a 0.02 inch extra stock for the finishing pass. If I center my bit, set the Z to the top of that pocket, then raise it by 0.78 inch (1 - 0.22) Then my starting point for that cut should be at the exact top of the original stock.

Yes. Those are the Codes I mentioned. Too bad easel does not use them. I was really hoping to use Easel as my G-Code Sender when I upgrade to V-Carve.

Thank you. But as ‘Instructions’ do not seem to be available (or possibly just hidden well) my goal was not workarounds, but more rather to learn how to do various tasks in Easel.