Settings after spindle upgrade

Hi. I’m looking for some advice from you experienced guys.
I have just upgraded my XC1000 spindle to a Makita RT0700C from the stock 24V unit. I want to keep automatic spindle control so I have added a solid state relay controlled by S+ and S- and left the switch setting on Logic.
My question is which spindle choice should I make when setting up the machine in Easel?
I have chosen “Other” because its the most logical and does actually work when tested but then I have the choice of spindle maximum speed. This is not going to actually change the spindle speed but I guess it changes the voltage supplied to the relay from S+/S-. What spindle speed have others used?

The spindle speed control is a PWM signal, so if you want your relay to be on all the time you are cutting you need to have the software request maximum speed to keep the PWM signal on for the entire cycle.

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When running through machine setup I selected “other” for my Makita when asked which spindle. Then when it asks for max rpm I put in 10,000. Then on all of my jobs I make sure to use an RPM setting at 10,000rpm or higher and the relay will stay on for the whole job. This also makes it so that any software that I might use to create tool paths can use the right rpm to calculate feeds and speeds as the lowest setting on the Makita is 10,000rpm.

Hopefully that makes sense.

Thanks LarryM. I guessed it was PWM so I was curious about what level was the best to use.

Thanks sketch42. That makes a lot of sence so as you have a similar setup I will go with the same settings.

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