Settings for better accuracy on cuts

Hi, just wondering if any one has come to a problem on not getting the right dimensions on the cuts and how to fix it. I think I off by 0.111 on the x ans 0.041 on the y help please.

Thank you

Do you know how to calibrate your steps per mm?

Hi @FundadorAlicea are you quoting those dimensions in inches or mm?

If inches that is a very large tolerance to be off by. I’d contact our tech support team directly to help diagnose it with you.

In the mean time:

  1. Check your belts to see if they are taught like a guitar strong or if there is slack causing slipping.
  2. Check to see if it is moving the appropriate distance without any load. By this I mean put the machine at a 0 point. Move it 1" or so and measure did it move exactly that distance? Measure with a digital caliper.
  3. If it is moving the exact distance without load but it’s not cutting correctly then you might have the machine assembled correctly but not perfectly square. You can loosen the fasteners square it up and then tighten it down again.

Yes they are in inches I check the belts they’re good and check if I am square and I was off a hair on the"y" i square out and is much better.
Thanks for the quick response I appreciate very much.

If you move the machine without a load does it move the correct distance?

Can you take a picture of the part?
What size is it?
Is the design made in Easel?

To optimize accuracy one need the following:

  • a proper and tight machine
  • Calibrated travel, steps/mm vs actual movement
  • Not loosing steps

When that is in order one can start to take into account backlash and tool / machine deflection.