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Could someome please let me know what effect the transparency slider in TouchTerrain has on the carve.
I have only tried the least transparent setting and perhaps someone could save me having to go through another carve to find out.
To my eye, the Touch terrain preview looks pretty much the same.
Thank you.

None. It’s just so you can see where you are on the map by making the 3D terrain more transparent…or less so to find the 3D details you’re after.


@ Neil Thanks for the reply.
Another question if you are up for it, am working on getting an island into a decent configuration for carving, If I rotate the image, in Easel, I can lose a bunch of ocean, and some of the mainland, but I expect that the spindle is going to carve air in the parts of the image that are off the workpiece, is there any way to crop the file so that the spindle stays on the material?

you can add rectangles, set them to 0 depth and use them to “mask” off the areas you want to not carve, like anything outside of the workpiece.

@Seth, I do not get the shapes menu or any of the tools on the left side of the screen when an STL is loaded, have used the shape tool to blank things since you mentioned it weeks ago.

Which island? Can you share your STL here?

@Neal, Easier than that, just go to Touchterrain it is very simple to download any area you want as an STL file.
Only found it about 10 days ago and am a real neophyte with CNC’s but have already done the town I live in and a nearby lake.

Oh i thought you were doing a multi layer svg with steps not a stl…
You’d have to edit the 3d model outside of Easel to eliminate the area you don’t want to carve…

that said carveco maker can limit the carve area by constraining the 3d toolpath to within a vector…

Thanks Seth, I think I will just let it carve air when it is not on the work piece. It is a pretty big piece and would go about 500mm square, doubles the run time but the 1F is a pretty tough machine.

I know touch terrain well. I was trying to help with your project.
I’m not clear why you need to carve beyond your stock?

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@NeilFerreri1 Sorry about that, what I want to carve is Vancouver island BC Canadia. Have a daughter that lives there and also a very good friend has a ranch there. I am going to do it in Maple and to glue up a piece of maple that big would break my bank. In looking at it if i rotate the island so it is at about 40 degrees, I can get the island on to a much smaller work piece something like 500 by 300 mm +/- but do not know how to stop the toolpath at the edges of the workpiece so one option is to let er rip and just continue the tool paths into thin air. I use Easel Pro and export the g code directly into the onefinity controller. Have about 50+ years wood working experience, from yachts to airplane propellers. Back before windows came out used to teach computing, but did not stay current so now am struggling mightily with the software and controller got my first CNC on newyears day and switched to the 1f a month or so ago.

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I havent tried this, but what if you rotate it like you want. Then select rectangle border and use a negative padding value, does this allow you to not carve that area that would be in air? Im not sure if you can use a megative padding, but if it allows it. This might work…

@SethCNC You might be on to something, tried rectangular at full height with 0 width padding and it knocked 2 or 3 hours off the rough pass. I tried generating tool paths but ran out of memory, (I never do that because the onefinity controller does it automatically) So will have to wait till I have learned enough to challenge it.
Tried a local lake today and cut right through the workpiece and blew out my suckit when the router bottomed out on it.
So much to learn, but it is giving my alzheimers a run. (grin)

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Just a question for you on this. Where would I find Touch Terrain?
I believe there a couple of sites, the one I use is at a University in Guelph Ont. CA.

@AnthonyBAldridge Sorry, I just saw your reply.
I understand now. So, you could use a mesh editing program to do what you need or you could search to see if someone else has done the work already. Like this guy.
Hope that file can help. I spent some time in Victoria and have done the West Coast Trail a couple of times. One of my favorites!

@NeilFerreri1 Thank you so much. Have downloaded the files and will look at them in the next day or so.
In the early sixties spent a January running every day on Tofino’s Long Beach sorting things out.

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