Settings loss

Everytine1 i go into Easel. I lose all my machine setting s . it only seems to be my machine size spindle and z axis screw type. I am currently using windows 7 and i am not deleting any of my history.

Sorry about the poor English skills as I typed the original on my cell phone and was unable to see what I was writing.

I have the same thing , if I leave the note book up and running the setting will stay even if I close easel …

I also find if I am logged into Easel and leave it for a while it is almost as though it times out and I will get an error stating that it is unable to connect to my machine, the only way for me to connect is I have to restart my computer I am able to connect but lose all my machine settings?

Hi Robert I am not computer savvy but I did down load it but when I am in Easel it prompts me to install 0.2.3. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I have 0.2.2 saved.