Setup Complete! My First Carve and My First Post

I’m so excited that this evening I finally completed the setup of my new X-Carve. I ran a quick test cut on a piece of MDF that I had lying around. the carve performed flawlessly on the very first run. I’m super impressed with how simple Easel was to use.

I’m preparing a comprehensive review of the setup and instructions that I will send to Inventables later on. The extremely simplified version is that the instructions seem like they get less detailed as they go on. Great tips and specifics that were a part of the first half of the instructions were missing from the second half. Things like which size of screw to use. (M5 12mm or M5 10mm, that sort of thing.) The pictures were also less helpful towards the end. Fortunately, things seemed pretty self-explanatory to me. I have a decent amount of experience assembling things.

In the end, the setup took me just over 6 hours to complete. Call me a nerd, but I had a total blast doing it. A lot of the assembly could probably be done prior to shipping. However, I love that I got to do it all. I watched a few videos that showed previous versions requiring soldering during assembly. I almost wish that I had a reason to break out the soldering station. I can’t wait to jump in with both feet and see what this thing can do. My ultimate plan is to use the x-carve to cut the play-fields for my custom pinball machines. My wife and kids have plans to make all sorts of crafty things. I’ll be sure to post pictures of finished projects when they are complete.

Here is a picture of my first carve:


Nice! That’s super exciting. Pinball machines are one of my areas of interest. There are a few people on this forum that make complete pinball machines from scratch. I can’t wait to see more of your work. Welcome to the community.