Setup for carving

How do I set up the easel to mill through without dt does not come off


Thank´s Phil

I´ll give it a try today

Hi Phil
I set the depth 1/10 of a milimeter
and also tried 1/100 of a milimeter,
And also 1/1000 of a milimeter

But Easel adjust the depth to the thikness of the material
What am I doing wrong ?

So if I understand this right I´ll fake the depth to fool the machine
Am I right?

I have tried to cut out a pattern, and the tag box was checked.
It said 6,3 mm wide and 2 mm deep
but it didn’t cut any tags so I almost destroyed the piece

Thank you Phil for help an newbe here… but…

I think I´m lost here.
If it’s not too much trouble

will you please show me an example
with a picture and in millimeter