Setup of new machine

Does anyone know how long I will sit like this?

Should be less than a minute.

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I have been like this for 30 min. What should I do?

I was unsure if I had posted. I am here for help not smart mouths!

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For some reason (and there are many) your computer and the X-carve are not talking to each other.

If you are using windows, check the device manager to see if a COM port exists for the X-carve.

Using the X-controller some people have had to manually install the FTDI com port driver.


Larry, I have this so I am assuming this is what I need?

Go to this web site, download and install the driver that matches your Operating System (most likely Windows 2017-8-30 2.12.28)

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In additional to LarryM’s advice, it might be worth trying another USB cable to see if the condition is still present.

Did you download and install the driver package -

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Have you tried unplugging and reconnecting your USB cable? That usually fixes it for me when I have this issue.