Setup Raspberry Pi 3 B+ as PC - Just not getting it

I thought I was doing something simple. I want to replace my Windows laptop with a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ using the latest version of Raspbian and built-in browser. When I try to carve, it tells me that I need to download and install the Linux driver. When I double click on the driver it tries to install but fails. No reason is provided. If I try to install via CMD, I get the following.

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
easel-driver:amd64 : Depends: avrdude:amd64 (>= 6) but it is not installable

I have read through several threads but don’t seem to follow. There seems to be something other than the driver that needs to be installed.

you need to install the Easel Local driver.

What you are installing is an Easel Local driver for Linux which is an AMD64 driver or simply put a driver that is compiled for a CPU with AMD64 instructions.

What you need for the raspberry Pi is a program that is written for the ARM 64 architecture.

if you want to run the raspberry (which I highly recommend) then you need to compile your own driver as outlined in this post
Easel Local for Linux?

Thank you for the post. Took a while to figure out the script and was able to alter it to reference the latest driver. I can now carve straight from Easel. Thank you so much.