Several signs I made this Xmas

I made these as gifts for my family. I got the general design idea of the sports signs from another sign I saw online, sorry I"m not sure who it was I got it from. My daughter cut out the logo’s on vinyl sticker stock on her Cricut. I got the camping sign from JanVanderlinden and made some slight changes to personalize it.


Nice job and Merry Christmas.

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Wow, these look great. Merry Christmas

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The fighting Irish and Ohio state are superb . That would be awesome Xmas gift to my family. If you don’t mind what wood did you use and bits size,speeds.

Geez, I just now saw the post.
I like your paint colors on the camping sign.
Just make sure you spray it with several coats of Spar Urethane to keep it looking good.

Well if those were Christmas presents, I guess I’m a little late with the Urethane advise…
Very nice work.

I am so happy to see that the issue have been solved. Please keep sharing this type of post.