Shadowtree #2

Based on the one I did just a week ago:

I thought I’d tive it another shot. Slightly smaller (same piece of wood actually), using a 1/8" bit for rough, and a 90deg v-bit for the finish pass. Pleased with the results:

This measures 9.5x17"
12 min for the rough, and just over 20 min for the finish.

However, the finish pass had a pretty bad failure I was able to recover from (use last home positino did not work), I’m going to start a separate bug thread for that (link below). Because of the finish pass start failure, I had to guess as to where my XY home was (I use a probe for z), and it was off by about 1/16" : because of that the vbit didn’t quite line up with the rough, and a substantial amount of sanding was required :frowning:

Bug post:


What, no 3D fingers this time? :wink:

I like how you got the grain across the tree, really pops.

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Looks great

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That’s being discussed in the bug thread I listed above.