Shaking/rattling when tracking on x-axis

This morning my x-carve started shaking / rattling when moving on the x-axis. It seems to occur more when tracking from left to right.

I checked all stepper motor wiring and everything seems to be connected well.

I’ve never see this before and I was just using it fine last night.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

Welcome to the forums Maybe check all the bolts and nuts on the v wheels maybe something has loosened up.Could very well have something hitting.

Thanks Wayne,

Machine is tight, just did a full calibration last week.

Its not a constant shake of the carriage. Some passes are smooth, other passes rattling. Both right and left.

Belt slippage?

Belts look good.

Chatter from aggressive cut settings.
Could be effect of differing grain direction.

Thats what’s puzzling. I did the exact same carve yesterday. Same material, same settings and went fine.

I tested different settings today and the more aggressive settings actually caused less shaking!

Tested a few different materials as well. Hardwood, ply and MDF. All had the same deal.

check your drag chain that your wires are in is it causing any issues, how did you set your tension on your belts? 1" of pull get you 4lbs on a mechanical fish scale?

I don’t see anything abnormal with the drag chain. Are you thinking it might be snagging?

I don’t have a way to measure the belt tension besides the recommended “tight but not too tight” guidance from Inventables.

X-axis belt is torn.

That will cause a problem, that is the hardest one to change. I used a pic set from Harbor Freight to help in getting the belt on.


It is a lot easier to change if you take the stepper motor off.

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Thanks for the tip, I’ll get myself a scale as well. That might help.


I only just noticed it after doing a 2 hour carve today and rattling had reduced. The belt is currently shredded. Did not appear that way yesterday.

Make sure the belt clips are parallel with the rail as well if they are slightly on any type of an angle they will cause the belt to rub on the wheel guides. A fraction at the starting point can be a big difference in the middle