Shallow carve takes longer than a deep one seriously

why is it that every time i run a toolpath sim with a 1/4inch wide 60 degree vbit does this software tell me it will take longer to carve out a depth of 1/8 of an inch in depth than the 3/8 of an inch depth will take. thats just stupid. the 1/8th inch depth is around 3+hours but the 3/8 is less than 2 hours? fix it please. im very close to making the jump to carveco if this keeps happening. it s ridiculous. feeds and speeds remain just the depth changes and the shallower carving will take longer why is this backwards than what it should be?

as i just ran it again at 0.25 depth and now getting somewhat normal results im done with easel carveco you have won me over and vcarve as well easel goodbye trashy no relief carving trash

I would have to see what you’re carving before being sure but I think the reason you’re getting longer cut times on the 1/8" depth is going shallow gives you a flat bottom.
Using a V bit to clear a flat bottom takes a long time and would result in a longer cut time.
When you set your depth at 3/8" you’re getting a V bottom. The bit is making less passes because you’re going deeper.
I set the stars to cut .125" and its estimated to take 1 hr 2 min
I set the stars to cut .375 and its estimated to take 43 min



Explained well Russell. Some people don’t understand how vcarving works with depth.


What Russell Said!!!
There are ways to increase the V-bit stepover to reduce the carve times for flat bottom Vbit carves if you’d like that information.

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