Shallow cuts

I’m having a problem with my cut consistency. I am brand new to this.

The left end of my cuts will be awesome, as the machine moves towards the middle my cuts become very shallow, BUT THEN as it moves to the right side my cuts come back again. What on earth is happening? It’s like this all across my machine.

Possibly there is a sag in your waste board set up. One quick and easy way to check is starting on the left (your possibly high point) lower your bit onto a block of smooth wood (I use a scrap of melamine, but whatever you have) then without moving the z, slide out the block, jog over 10 cm, and see if the block slides in without any gap. Do this again across the waste board, then go up 10 cm in the Y and start again. This will show you if the middle is lower than the sides.

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Thanks mike. That’s the issue… how do I fix this?

Do a search for posts on leveling waste board, there are some mechanical adjustments you can do with the framing underneath (I never had to do this so can’t offer any help) or you have to skim cut the board with a flat bit.
If the table you’re on is not flat you may be able to shim up the middle, it would be worth a try. As a temporary fix, measure or estimate how much lower the middle is and put a shim under your wood before clamping it down, then run the level test over your work piece before cutting.
Good luck with it. My carves were also uneven, one side was lower than the other, after skimming the board it has improved a huge amount.