Shape/Cut will not open

The Shape/Cut box switches suddenly to the titles only and I cannot get the full options to display. The only fix I can find is to open the job in a new tab.

Safari MacOS Monterey 12.0.1 new M1 MacBook Pro
Chrome isn’t working with Easel since I upgraded my MacBook.

there’s a chrome update that should fix chrome at least… unfortunately this appears to be a result of the way the new mac OS omits files that browsers were using to display certain graphics. now chrome fixed them through its own update after the mac one…

I did notice this relatively new addition to the OS requirements page…

Oh i just noticed that on that same page that I screenshot in the prior post :

has this a link to this page which should help with that chrome issue of webGL not working, check the links on this page about fixing the graphics functions:

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