Shape must have non-negative width

Hy, i am using x-carve for some weeks. Now, there is a problem, i’m having. When i want to import a dxf there is coming "shape must have non-negative “width” and “height”.
The same dxf i was able to import some days before.
Thanks for your help. good bye from Germany

you can attach the file here using this button and I can see if I can get it to work on my end…

Personally I always convert .dxf to .svg prior to importing and that imports flawlessly

Same error here. File I had no problem working with are no longer working. Getting the same error

I’ve had the issue occur now, a new file I had never tried b4 though… went back and tried some older files and those all worked fine… so I don’t know if this is a new issue, but definitely worth a report… I’m going to submit a help ticket for it since it seems like a new issue… could be caused by recent updates and not caught during regression testing…

Change the line mode to separate

Did that, no more error but design is butcher…

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Greetings from South Africa - Have exact same issues, started occurring yesterday (23 Feb 2022), All new dxf file imports giving “shape must have non-negative width and height” error, as well as some older files that previously loaded without issue. If “separate” lines used, preview loads, but import is corrupt (Lines/Tool path out of registration.

Should be fixed guys!

I just got this in my email, but I’m out right now…
Maybe one of yall can try your file again :+1:

PS, thank you for getting back to me about this Julie

Also received a reply below from CS (Jenna) - Worked for me, although I had to re-install the Easel Driver and reload my machine:

"…You might want to try these steps in the meantime:

Since Easel is browser-based it relies on this memory space for function. Your Browser may not have enough memory space to save. You can also try these steps:

  1. clearing your all-time history on your browser.
  2. updating the browser
  3. try using another browser altogether.
  4. Then restarting your computer."

Posted late - Time Zone difference.

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