Shape Outline Cutout

Hi All, I have a design for a plaque made for a new born. It’s the shape of a onesie with some detail inside. I’m struggling to figure out how to make it cutout the outline of the onesie while just carving the inner details. Any help would be appreciated. New Born

You need one more object that form the overall outside of your design.
As-is your design only consist of pockets technically speaking.

A quick and dirty way of achiving that can be like:

  • Copy part (Duplicate)
  • Set depth of current content = full depth
  • Draw a shape covering the outline full depth part, also set this new area as Pocket/full depth
  • Select all, choose Combine
    You now have an object thats solid black and you can for this choose Outside path which is what you want.

use the Offsetter app set it to whatever gap you want and use it to do the cutout.


@CraigDement. If you share the file we can help get the design the way you want it.

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Thanks everybody I was able to get it to work by creating 2 projects as Haldor mentioned. I ran the interior part first then the cutout 2nd using the copy/paste function.