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Shapeoko 2 (Discussion,Assembly,Tweaks)

Mike I just posted in projects section of my upgraded x axis. I combined the 500mm makerslide onto the 1000mm slides. And used 1000mm for the y axis. Works good.

I’m trying to fix my z-axis travel issue with a DW600 is there any way I can get the cad files for these two parts. dxf or dwg would be great.

30288-01 Z-Axis Motor Mount Plate
30289-01 Z-Axis Shim Plate


there is any Tutoria for the software part? I bought one Shapeoko 2 last year and still cant make the machine work, I have a Mac and there is no response betrween the computer and the Shapeoko 2 can you help me?

Are you using Easel? You’ll need to download Easel Local if so. If not there’s another background app to download if using GRBL and another different for Chilipeppr

yes i have the program but i dont have communication with the machine and the computer, so please if you have any tutorial to see and understand please let me know.

Where are you measuring those voltages?

Would anyone be able to give me a link for what to buy so that I may build a shapeoko 2 for my school, as well as the instructions. I can’t seem to find anything online.