Shapeoko 2 Step Motors not moving properly

Hi, I just got a 2nd hand Shapeoko 2. When I try to jog in any direction or axis, only the Z spins a little in one direction, but seems impeded. It seems like the wiring could be incorrect, but I can’t rule out that I just don’t know what I’m doing. When I hit carve, the Z tries, but stops-same as before.

Can someone help me by shedding some light on this problem?

Thank you!


Update: I rewired the control board and now the Z spins in the other direction and stops after 1 second. I still have no clue what to do, but it seems like whatever input is given results in this short Z movement.

Make sure the motor spin the carriage without binding first. Spin it by hand with the motor disconnected (belt off)

Sounds like it is stalling / underpowered.

Thank you! I will check into this today and report back.

The Z and X spin freely by hand. The Y is tight, but spins with more pressure.

In Easel, I can lock and unlock the motors and that works. But jogging still nothing.

Regarding if it’s underpowered, I am giving the board 24V, but I haven’t confirmed that with a voltmeter. and I’m not sure how much power is getting to the motors.