Shapeoko 2 upgrade kit

What do i get exactly if i order the
X carve core components,

I am going too update My shapeoko 2 too a x carve
And need some extra v wheel, and wonder if that comes in that kit,
Also need some extra stepper motor cable and the drag chain,
Or if i have to shop them separately ?

Thankyou , thats exactly what i needed

The upgrade wasn’t to difficult. I think after assembling the Shapeoko 2 the X-Carve is a lot simpler. I tried to only disassemble the bare minimum amount of items but soon realized it was better to start the X-Carve build from the beginning. I made a video of me upgrading my CNC. Shapeoko 2 upgrade to the X-Carve

Thats a perfect video,

Am you happy with the x-carve uppgrade vs shapeoko 2 ?

The big improvements I noticed is in the improved X-Carriage. Having that one piece of aluminum instead of five dozen small pieces makes it a lot more sturdy. I also like the improvements in wire management between the drag chain and wire blocks. The new way of attaching the belts needs help to prevent slipping but I just used small zip ties and that took care of the issue.