Shapeoko 2 -> X-Carve 2015 upgrade : Z-Probe mount

Some carriages that were shipped for the X-Carve upgrade lack a hole for the Z-Probe. That was a bit annoying, so I whipped one up that you can use in combination with a couple parts from to get a nice looking Z-Probe port on the X Carriage.

The original file is here on Tinkercad, and I’ve attached the STL if you want to print one out. I recommend printing this with 2 perimeters, and 90% linear infill, using ABS or PETG for strength and flexibility ( PLA is a bit brittle for the task. )

Z-Probe.stl (9.6 KB)

Amazon Parts: – Female sockets – Plug and leads

Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve had a number of these upgrade boxes, and I finally opened this one. Two had the hole, two did not.