Shapeoko 2/ x carve reviews

I original bought a shape oko 2 kit about three year ago. full kit including Bosch colt router mount. i assembled the kit only to figure out that i cant get more that 0.75 inch clearance due to how the z stepper motor was mounted. so machine sat in a corner for a year, and eventually inventables came out with a revised z setup. i then purchased the upgrade z axis and 1000 mm rails. also go acme lead screw upgrade. now the acme screw doest allow enough travel. so back to the drawing board. we then got a m8 full thread rod and remade the lead screw. a but of machine work but ok. so i then proceed to get machine up and running. the backlash form the belt is bad. i am cutting pvc board 10mm.

now looking at trying to get my machine in some as-semblance and it frustrating. i dont know what to do any more with my machine. and the possibility is more upgrades and more stuff added each month its hard. can any one help.

The shapeoko2 had 2+ inches of z. Mine strated as a shapeoko2