Shapeoko 2 X-Carve upgrade contents

I stumbled across a post by Zach that said something about extra parts that come in the Shapeoko 2 X-Carve upgrade. I wanted to make sure I had the X-Carve specific hardware needed to complete my upgrade once I receive my Order. Does the upgrade kit come with the X-Carve specific hardware that was not part of the original Shapeoko 2? The post mentioned something about the toothed drive gears on the new Z Belt drive coming in the kit. I have the Nema 23 belt drive that was sold by Improbable Construct on the website. So I wanted to make sure I get the additional drive pulleys that come on the X-Carve in case the 40/20 tooth setup I have is not compatible with the new X-Carve Nema 23 Belt drive as well as the hardware that I noticed was different from looking at the awesome build videos posted on the X-Carve. The parts I noticed that were different were the flush/flat head fasteners that go on the idler pulleys on the new X axis or gantry setup. I also assume the hardware for the belt tensioners is included as well. Are you going to post a detailed list of the included hardware and parts that are not shown at this time? I noticed that you were showing some of the parts like the Black Makerslide on your website that are not available yet but did not see the flush/flat head fasteners on your site as of yet which led me to believe that we will not need to order them ahead of time. Also are you going to sell the 1800mm length of the Black Makerslide at some point? Thanks Rick…

Hey Rick,

The “Upgrade from Shapeoko” package will come with all the hardware you will need. The package does include the timing belt and the pulleys you will need to put a Nema 23 or 17 on the z-axis. The flush/flat head fasteners and the hardware for the belt tensioners are included. All of the parts that make up the X-Carve kit will eventually be available individually some point after the pre-order period. The itemized list of what comes in each bundle will be available before we start shipping. We have had a few requests for the 1800mm black MakerSlide, but we do not currently have a time frame for when it would be available if at all.

Let me know if you still have questions, I am happy to help :sunglasses:


Thanks for the answer Sam.

Still don’t see the contents of the upgrade listed. Assuming I need to buy pulleys separately? Anybody know where the parts list is?



I’d like to see this too. I may want to upgrade some of my Shapeoko 2, but not get the whole kit.

@BrianChristal You get all the pulleys you need regardless of whether you have a NEMA 23 or NEMA 17.