ShapeOko on X and Y travels 5.7 times distance shown in Easel

I have a ShapeOko v1.4 with a grblShield v4. When I start carving, the distance moved is off.

For Z (up / down), but the distance is correct.

For X (left / right) and Y (forward / back), each inch moved in the program translates to 5.7 inches on the ShapeOko.

On the grblShield’s original setup, Z has a jumper on the left two pins, and X and Y don’t have jumpers. When I remove the Z jumper, one inch translates to .25 inches on the ShapeOko, so it seems like the left two pins translate to a X4 setting (not X2 as indicated in the following image:

When I put the jumper on the left two pins for Y, 1 inch translates to 22.5 inches (not the X4 as exemplified by the tested Z settings. I’m going to try other jumper settings, but since putting the jumper in the same position for Y as Z didn’t produce the same results, I’m doubtful other positions will be better.

I’m not entirely sure how to proceed. Any advice would be sincerely appreciated.


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