Shapeoko2 teething problems

Hi experts.

I am a newbie with CNC machines. I feel I am fortunate that I found Shaoeko2 for my early Projects.

Also I feel fortunate I was able to rig it up without any serious fuss and make it work. Thanks to Shapeoko makers and my Supplier who was very Helpful and supportive.

I would like to highlight some nitpicky issues with my machine which seems to be annoying.

1.**Easel issue with home position of the bit: when I click “raise the bit” after clicking "carve " the Z axis goes all the way down ti 0.5 inch.and when I somehow reset it to the desired height touching the job the bit start to work in raised position without touching the job,I have to manually turn it down to touch the job and carve.Z axis seems to be blind to Initial position.this behaviour ruined the corner edges of my couple of Mdf.But carving is perfect .
2.UGCs doesn’t show the machine position X,Y, Machine status,it shows zero all the while machine is carving.I am using ver1.0.7.

Thanks in Advance for the advices and suggestions

Which controller do you have? Not sure I can help but I might if I know that answer first.

I am using the stock Adruino Uno with 0.8 grbl, Pauluo stepper drivers , nema17 steppers motor.

Try updating to 0.9i grbl to see if this helps. Do so for sure if you have upgraded your machine to the X-Carve.