Shapeoko2 to x carve z axis

Stuck on what I need to order. I know I need the plate, acme screw, belt loop, 2 pulleys. What I don’t know is what bore does the pulley have to be to fit the acme screw. And do I need a new bearing or can I reuse the one from the shapeoko?

Please contact Inventables customer success

Where at?

Youll need an 8mm pulley atop the acme rod and the bearing can be reused. One thing that wasn’t terribly clear for me when making the same upgrade was the fact that the vwheel spacers need to be changed. The new spacers need to be .375" which is shorter than what you have on your shapeoko 2.

While upgrading these parts, seriously consider jumping straight to a linear slide setup. Your results will be much better than the xcarve z-axis setup. The unit that @PhilJohnson and others have used on their machines isn’t terribly expensive and would be work the added cost. That’s where I plan to move when I have the budget.

Thanks for the info. I will look around on my lunch break and see if I can find his setup. Does he sell kits or just have the info to do it?

How much of a difference did it make going to that type of setup. Was it only a bit stiffer or night and day?

quite noticeable.

but i’d say it scores better in the smoothness department, than rigidity.

What I mean by that is that you’ll need other rigidity mods as well such as a stiffer X rail. You can’t replace the Z alone and expect it to make your machine more rigid if the other axis haven’t been treated