Sharing a drawing

i know how to share something drawn up on here but if I want to share with someone outside of easel how do I share it. thanks

I don´t think it is possible to export drawings from easel other then using the sharing or publishing option.

If you want to use easel for your carvings but still want to be able to share your work outside of easel, you could use Adobe illustrator or Inkscape for example to create .svg files. These can be easily imported into easel, but they can be opened/modified by various other programs. So you could share these.

Workflow would be:
Draw in your program of choice -> save as .svg -> open easel -> “File” -> “Import SVG” -> select the objects and specify your cut parameters -> be happy ^^

thanks max. I was making a sign for a friend and wanted to show him how it looked drawn up in case he wanted something changed. guess I can not do that.

If you just need to show him you could do a screen shot.

I f you just want to share the screen you could do a screen shot as Jason mentioned or use tools to capture part of the screen.

Windows: Snipping Tool -> Pre-installed on windows and lets you capture part of the screen for saving or direct sending via mail.

Mac: Use the cmd + shift + 4 command to draw a selection around what you want to share. It will be saved as a screen, which then can be send.

Or you use skype and share your screen during a conversation.

thought about the screen shot. thanks Jason. thanks max I will try one of these.