Sharing and finding project files

Not sure if this is possible or practical, but it’d be kinda nice to have some way of quickly finding images, vector files or gcode files that people are willing to share.

I think easel allows you to save and share files (I don’t use it), but in many forum threads, people show their work, others then ask for the files and they are then posted.

I have made some nice stuff and am usually willing to share the images, vector files or even gcode files. I’m also often looking for stuff that I’ve seen posted in these forums, but cannot re member the details of the thread in which it was posted.

Ideally, these files would be things easily imported into Easel, V Carve, Fusion 360, Meshcam etc.

Is there some way of adding a tag or link to something within a thread to indicate that the post contains something that can be used by others? Even better would be the ability to link it to some keywords to simplify searching.

This forum is my go-to place for finding inspiration and answers, it’d be even better if I could also use it for sharing stuff I’ve done and for finding things I can use for new projects.


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This touches on something I wanted to bring up to @Zach_Kaplan. We all post our files throughout the forum. I’d love it if there was a repository for just the files so it’s easy to scan through to find what you’re looking for amid the myriad of other projects. I know it’s easier said than done. Maybe a thumbnail and/or a short description. Could possibly happen automatically when a project file is added or opt in with a dialog checkbox about “Add to Repository”… Until then, my bookmarks will work just fine…

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@MidnightMaker interesting. Like the thumbnail and name?



I like that idea!!!

Something Thingiverse-y, but specific for CNC and not so much geared towards 3D printers or random stl files. Searchable, taggable, collectible, etc.

Another similar example that comes to mind is the connection between Google Sketchup and Sketchup Warehouse. You can upload, search and download models directly into Sketchup.

Though I like the layout and features of thingiverse better.

@EvanDaugherty how are you distinguishing between these examples and our project catalog?

yes, something like Thingiverse.

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@Zach_Kaplan, you’re right, I should have been more specific in what I meant. The search feature in those example sites is very robust and the first thing I go to when looking for something. Maybe I’m doing it wrong but when I type in project search terms in the site’s search bar it doesn’t return projects. Is that the right way to find them?

Also what if I wanted to share project files but didn’t have the time to write out detailed instruction, or didn’t have detailed instructions yet because it was experimental or something like that?

I should also say you guys have a really nice, modern forum section of your site. Out of my usual gotos it’s one of the most user friendly.

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I guess I was thinking more of both a plece to store them, as well as some kind of code snippet or tag that when added into a thread, indicates the presence of a useable (or shareable) file of some kind.