Sharing my first project

I’ve had my x carve for about a month. After a steep learning curve on Fusion 360, I’ve finally figured out the entire process from a sketch, to modeling, to CAM processing, to G code, to importing to easel(thanks a ton for that inventables), to a finished project. Not sexy by any means, but I needed it as you can see by my old rigged tool.


Very nice, and congratulations on creating a toolpath from Fusion 360 (not an easy task the first time out).

But I am curious, why the need to have three dry erase markers locked together? Looks like the three markers are being punished in a really tiny set of stocks.

Ha! I’m a home schooler by day to 2-7 YO’s and a 4 YO. this is for Grammer/English.


Very clever! You should sell them on Etsy.

OOOH make a 5-marker one for a music staff! Just like the old chalk holders I remember from growing up!


That is a great first project!