Sharing projects - then editing

As we create projects in Easel, then ‘publish/share’ them. If the creator then makes changes, are those changes available from the same link to others or does that first ‘share’ link create a static project share at that point?

Ok, that’s what I thought. Thanks. I wish Inventables had a public project repository similar to how Sketchup uses an object library where you can search and download components. Within Easel, just add a menu item to ‘Add to Public Library’ and then have it create/store a static version of your project for others to search/download.

Like this…?

On that menu I’d suggest adding a ‘Library’ option that would access a public library of published Easel projects.

On the window shown below, I’d add a “Library” tab at the top right next to the Account tab. It would then show the various projects published to the Inventables Easel Library. This would be very similar to the object library for Sketchup. Then we could open in a ‘sandbox’ and copy to our own personal Projects repositories if desired.

If Inventables offered more functionality and ease of use in Easel and added that to the ‘Pro’ version, I’d be willing to bet more people would subscribe and pay monthly.

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You bet. Leave Easel in basic form for beginners, but add more powerful features for those willing to pay. Similar cost models exists everywhere.

I think Easel can still be free, some of the minor enhancements could make it into Easel Basic, but more powerful features could be of such significance to warrant a revenue stream back to the company. They need to survive just like any other company. We’ll see. Whatever they do, I do hope that Easel gets some much needed improvements.