Sharing The X-Carve & Making Passion

Had to share this text conversation I had with my 15 year old daughter who is down in the states attending university (yeah, she’s WAY smarter than her old man).

I don’t see her nearly enough, and while I was busy with school and then with work when she was a little kid, I totally missed her growing up.

Not sure it’s the x-carve bringing us closer, but the kid sure has a passion for making cool shit…I just never thought it included making cool shit with her dad.


Awesome. Enjoy your time.

That’s incredible! I’ve got my first on the way, and I am so eager for them to experience “making” with me. Thanks for sharing, Ken :smile:

Those are the greatest moments in life. I wish my kids would be that involved with me with projects, I hardly talk to them. Hold on to that bond!

I purchased the SO2 just so my son and I would have an assembly project to work on before he left for college. It really sparked a creative urge in him (he is now enrolled in the Industrial Design program at Auburn). The X-Carve now gives us lots to work together on, when he come home for break we always spend way to much time in the shop with him showing me the new stuff he has learned.

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Thanks for this. I seriously just teared up. Seriously.

Ken are you on the island I am in Victoria. I am the same way with my daughters, missed a lot of special moments with them growing up but we are close.

I’m in Nanaimo, love the island!

I should be getting mine hopefully before Christmas. If I have any problems can I call on you for help? I know nothing about running a cnc.

For sure! I go down to Victoria often for work. I’ll PM you my phone number.