She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid

Sorry I can’t share it I payed way too much for it … :grimacing:

Yea the 3d models are pretty decent but need alot of work. To be used for making a clock I wanted a flat design I wanted a 2d line drawing to use for a v-carve I found a blue print website that had it for sale 20 euros… I tried using stuff I googled too much noise in the images to get a clean trace most of them are copies , bmp or jpg’s of the actual vector file I payed for I tried almost everyone with little success at achieving clean usable lines , the vector I payed came in 5 different formats all vector based.

I’ve taken decent quality JPG images and sent them to a contact on who vectorized it for me for $5. I don’t have the patience to line trace everything, so I let them do it. Nice quality and quick turnaround.

Yea I hate vectorizing stuff , I have a friend that could have done it for free just that design has a lot of lines… and I was ready to cut it lol

Sorry I can’t share it I payed way too much for it … :grimacing:

Oh, I wouldn’t ask anyone to share a file they’ve paid for.

I did a quick search on Google Images and found a ton of black and white line art that would work nicely…:sunglasses:

I couldn’t get a good image trace in aspire with anything I found on google everything was too low res…a lot of hated edges and un uniform

If you trace paths in Inkscape, it automatically smooths out some pixelization.

we get our corian for free fron the kitchen manufacturers

Can you send a link to where you bought it? I’d like to buy one too.