She's alive!

Got my new X-Carve setup, took me about 8 hours total over three days and only ran in a few snags, I would give it about a 95% success on my end. I did my second test carve this evening, a two stage carve and I would say it ran pretty smooth, again about 95% to my standards, only two issues that I see, first was my z probe wasn’t recognized or asked for which it was on my first test carve that was a one stage carve and went great… The second issue with the second carve (two stage) was that I was a bit confused about the second clean up bit (1/32 fishtail) first roughing bit was a (1/8 straight flute)… The issue I had was the length of each bit is cosiderbly different and had trouble homing it… Any suggestions? Here are exambles of my first and second carve.

Second carve:

First carve:


Thanks Phil, the anticipation of getting it setup and going had me so anxious, but thanks to veterans like yourself and others I took my sweet time and did a lot research on the forums… Like my dad (carpenter and cabinet maker) always says: “measure twice, cut once”. Cheers!

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