Shielded cable by the metre in UK - found a supplier

Hi guys,
Whilst waiting for my x-controller I decided to get whatever I could ready so I could build in the upgrades when I assembled it.
I have really struggled, however, to find shielded cable in the UK that doesnt come in 50 or 100m rolls and cost a fortune.
I had pretty much given up but needed to source some CY cable for my newly arrived VFD and spindle this morning and found who sell it by the metre. They have a good choice and I finally managed to get all my shielded stepper, limit switch and spindle cable for £25 delivered.
Hope this is of use to anybody else in the Uk struggling to find what they want.

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Im from Belgium but I order my cable here it’s a Polish webshop but good prices and fast and cheap shipping. Hope it helps.

Grtz Koen