Shipment number one on the way!

I’m pretty jazzed. I ordered on 12/27. How many shipments usually come? This one has the stepper motors, the core components, drag chain, homing switches, z-probe, bits, tools and the spindle.

I’m assuming the watseboard comes separately…

Got it. I wasn’t sure if it was a standard setup or just based on availability.

I was wondering the same thing. I ordered 12/26. Found this, though:


you can probably expect two more boxes… Waste board in one, rails and extrusions in another.

could be same shipment could be separate. When I received mine is was three (maybe 4 with the side board???) boxes… Core components, waste-board and rails.

I received five shipments.

  • Core components
  • Clamps (seriously!!)
  • Railkit
  • Wasteboard
  • X-controller (on its way)

This way it added $20 for each delivery :+1:

Wow, I totally missed that one…

I really have to get my space cleared out and my table built or I’m not going to have anywhere to put it together… :grimacing: I think the kitchen table is off limits.

The kitchen table probably is off limits, I used the dining room table…